Wednesday, January 3, 2018


It's that time of year, the festive season is over and new year spirits are high, but there's the thing that looms on the horizon.... going back to work. It's never the easiest thing to get back into the working routine after any break, so here's how to beat the back to work blues:

1. With bank holiday Monday, there's only four days of the working week left - be thankful it's not a full five and you can ease back into work with a shorter week.

2. Organise something to look forward to in the first few weeks back at work. I've booked a theatre trip to see Dream Girls as a little pick me up after a few weeks back at work.

3. Plan your holidays for the first half of the year. If you want to go away in the first half of the year, plan this now so you can look ahead to your next break - it'll really help. Book something for the first quarter, and then for the second quarter so you can always see another break upcoming on the horizon.

4. Use your first day back to organise and prepare - if you have cleared your diary for your first day back - great - if you haven't, remember to do this going forwards when you have a trip, clear your diary for the day you return to the office. You'll need a clear day to organise, prepare and clear a backlog of emails from your time off.

5. Don't get hung up on emails. Clear newsletters and spam first, then work through from high importance and then in date order, newest to oldest. You definitely don't want to start work on a task to find someone has covered it in your absence further up the email chain!

6. Leave on time. It's your first few days back, so no matter how much you feel you might need to catch up on, working until late is only going to compound your 'back to work blues'. Try to maintain a strong worklife balance for atleast the first few weeks back after a trip that'll help ease your post-holiday blues.

Good luck if you are back to work this week!


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