Saturday, October 29, 2016

Make Your Office a Place You Want to Be In

The perfect office should be a place of creativity, motivation, hard work, a place where important decisions are being made and a place where your professional side is growing and developing. But no one ever says an office should be fun. Work and fun are not synonymous in our culture, but lately, this premise has been changing and it’s becoming more relevant than ever. Employers have come to conclusion that productivity levels are much higher when employees can relax in the office and feel like they’re at home, rather than in a stern, washed-out environment, where any kind of distractions are frowned upon.

So, your office can definitely make effect on your productivity and creativity levels, therefore make the effort and do what you can to change it a little. Depending on your position in the office, and your abilities, start with minor changes and work your way up. If you own a company have a meeting about what would be the best improvement for your office setup. An occasional meeting outside the office could make a difference.  

Let’s start with your office interior. If your office is cluttered, plain, with not a single sign of your presence there, then that’s where you should start. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a few things to make your life at the office more comfortable, after all, that is a place where you spend most of your days.

You should definitely have some plants in your office, they are the bridge between indoor and outdoor, and they will bring some fresh air and balance to your space. You can go with perennial plants that don’t require special attendance, or few little succulents for a touch of green.

Walls are a big surface you can experiment with. Instead of white, maybe opt for  lighter shades of orange, beige, blue, pale green or soft yellow, all of which will bring serenity to your little space. Hang a few pictures that inspire you and make you feel happy, you can even frame quotes that you like, or your favourite poems. 

If you want to get more into balancing and introducing positive energy into your working space, research feng shui tips, and especially how to harmonize your working space. You don’t have to practice it religiously, but some of these rules can be very rewarding, like decluttering, minimalism and proper arrangement of furniture. 

If you have a nice portion of natural light during the day, use it as much as you can. Gloomy places with artificial light even when it’s sunny outside can rob you of your daily dose of daylight and can leave you feeling drained and tired. If you can, move your table closer to the window, and if this is not an option get a desk lamp or floor lamp with yellowish, atmospheric, candle like lighting, instead of harsh fluorescents.

Apart from visual changes that you can make, you can also adopt few healthy office habits or behaviours. Maybe some of your coworkers will join you for a quick lunch break outside the office, and if not make it a habit of eating in a group instead of in front of your computer.

Sitting all day is the disease of modern world, and even if you’re regular in a gym, 8 to 10 hours of continuous sitting will cause many physical problems. Try to make a mini yoga or meditation breaks. Don’t be embarrassed, yes, work clothes are not suitable for exercises, but you don’t have to do headstands, just do some intensive stretches with a few really deep breaths. That little can make such a big difference.

This was a guest post by Roxana Oliver edited by The Pink Tank.

Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook. She is also an editor at Higstylife Magazine.


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