Tuesday, October 4, 2016

insider interview: students of design

In this Insider Interview, we chat to founders, Lindy, Michelle and Anoesjcka, of new shopping platform - Students of Design (SODS) that provides a retailing platform for young and emerging designers:

What’s your usual working day like?
L: Everyday is different, summer has been full of graduate shows and industry exhibitions, I have been focused on finding new designers and looking after the exsisting designers so typically I run around a fair bit.
M: All of our days are different, this makes our work even more so exciting, meetings with new prospects & connections, exhibitions, shows, developing new ideas….sometimes I really welcome admin days!
A: Spinning plates of late. I have a design business also, a two year old and a renovation under way. I get up before my family wakes, make a big strong coffee, get to my e-mails, open for the builders and then off to meetings with my partners, designers, factories and potential business partners.

What was your dream job when you were younger?
L:I wanted to be a jewellery designer, I was all set to study Gemmology but had a last minute change of heart
M: I wanted to be an explorer….I’m always exploring…
A: I never knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to do everything and just couldn’t choose one thing for a lifetime. Working for yourself you have to pull information from various industries so you build a variety of skills which is the answer to my childhood indecision.
What's the best piece of career advice you've been given?
M: Do something you enjoy, when you stop enjoying it, it will become work and you will no longer drive your career with the same passion
A: Start with one thing and do it well from the incredible Mr Giorgio Armani

What's your number one style tip?
L: Accessories make an outfit
M: Never be afraid, try something new!
A: Dress for your body shape.

If you weren't doing the career you are now, what do you think you would be doing?
L: I'd be an Interior designer
M: Im going to throw in something that may surprise my partners :/ I think I would’ve been an anthropologist…
A: I would pay my bills by charging my friends for my spaghetti that they love, till I make it as a music producer.

If someone was looking for a career change into your industry, how would you propose the best way is to start?

L: With some research and a whole lot of passion
M: Work experience, do a variety of things within the industry, speaking and working with others!
A: If you want to be a fashion designer, get your samples made and call the UKFT for advise and guidance. If you want to start a marketplace make sure you have the right developers and buckets of patients.
What's the best thing about your job?
L:Working with exciting designers and talented people
M: Seeing so much talent, working with creative minds and seeing our work grow! Such pleasures!
A: Working with my friends, seeing what was only an idea come to life and ultimately seeing talent grow and succeed.
What's the toughest part of your job?
L: As a market place we are essentially doing two jobs, marketing to designers and to consumers.
M: Getting out there, biggest hurdle for all businesses
A: Having patience. Its a chicken and egg scenario. When you have the products, you don’t have the customers and when you have the customers you don’t have the products. It takes patience to bring it all together. We can finally say 'we did it'.

Most proud career moment to date?
L: First sale, euphoric
M: Agree with Lindy, best feeling ever!
A: With Students of Design it definitely was our first sale and seeing that the system we built came to life and worked from start to finish.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
L: I'm a believer, working at Students of Design, with my best friends and having helped numerous designers to kick start their careers
M: 10 years…ill be sitting next to these two beautiful women , although we will be a little more wrinklier than now, and looking at all the people we have helped launch their careers
A: In the Maldives laughing with my friends of all the uphill battles we went through and toasting with some bubbles for revolutionising the fashion & lifestyle industry.

Shop new and emerging designers at Students of Design and you can follow SODs on Instagram, Twitter and read more Insider Interviews here and look out for the next.

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