Monday, June 27, 2016

Staying professionally social media savvy....

For some of us our career revolves around social media, it has become an intrinsic part of new media, a platform for commercial success for companies, a generator of new business for freelancers and a major sore point for those who ignore the professional code. Needless to say it's important to remember the do's and don'ts for staying professionally social media savvy.

DON'T use social media networks as a place to rant about your employer. They can find out and most probably will, so keep it for out of hours drinks or the weekend chats!

DO re-tweet your employer. It shows you are personally invested in the firm and that you are a complete ambassador for the company.

DON'T release sensitive information on social channels. It's call internal communication for the sole reason, it is for internal eyes only. Don't be the person that promotes unapproved internal codes of conduct and contract wins on social media.

DO use your channels to create your own personal brand. There are so many opportunities for private consultancies and freelance work, your social media channels could open up to a new line of work for you. If you portray a personal brand image that is professional, engaging and loyal this could get you noticed by future employers.

DON'T broadcast your interview plans or success if you are job seeking. This may seem obvious, but I've seen it happen. If you are planning to leave a job, you want your employer to hear it from you first, not your timeline!

DO share relevant professional content on your timeline. That article in the Guardian on legislation - share it! Show that you are in touch with your industry news.

Finally, if you do persist in doing all of the don'ts - at least make your profiles private for your own sake!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

REVLON Lip Butter: Summer Shades

The REVLON Colourburst Lip Butters £7.99 are my new staple for summer. Sometimes, I just find a lipstick slips too much on the tube & the smeared lipstick look is just never a good one! The lip butters give a less defined lip line and are less pigmented giving a more subtle colour - so for me its the perfect go-to summer staple! I tend to wear pinks and reds, however this Juicy Papaya shade has a strong orange undertone, a key beauty trend for summer and something a little different from my usual colour choices.

On the downside, and yes there is one despite my previous raving - the product needs reapplying throughout the day - after a coffee, although the hydrating effects of the product still linger, the colour has nearly all but vanished! I end up reapplying up to 5 or so times a day, but at least my summer lipstick smears are gone for the moment!

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