Monday, April 4, 2016

Changing your career

Have you ever had the inkling to change your career, fancied working in a different sector or up-sticking across the globe to try something new?

We have a run down of top tips for making it happen:
  1. Know your skills and make sure you can translate these to your new career path. Go with what works for you. 
  2. Research your new subject area. If you know what you are going into it will make the other challenges of change a whole lot easier!
  3. Know your career goals. Regardless of curve-balls in your career path, if you know where you want to go, seeing light at the end of the tunnel will give you the drive to make any change.
  4. Take everything in your stride. Change can be a big thing and a huge adjustment, taking change in your stride will show excellent qualities for potential new roles. 
  5. Be fearless (in the words of Taylor Swift). If you are looking for a change, be fearless in your endeavors, today is the day.


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