Friday, April 1, 2016

Are you ready for the Freelancing world?

Freelancing in the creative and media fields is becoming ever popular. The perks of choosing your hours & choosing your work, but are you ready to take the freelancing plunge?! In some cases, redundancies push you into the world of freelancing without the pursuit of 'going on your own' - but if you are going to choose to go it alone, remember our top tips if you are ready & how to kick your freelancing off!

Word of mouth is your best friend when it comes to clients and contacts. Network as much as you can, accept every invitation and speak passionately about what you do.

Get listed.
Getting listed on directories suiting your industry are pivotal to gain contacts and improve your recognition within your field. Sites such as Fashion Monitor & Diary Directory are excellent for the Fashion fields, Gorkana and People Per Hour are also great sites for media industries.

Be professional.
Your work is now your life when you are freelancing, personal and professional can tend to merge. Therefore its important to ensure that you omit a professional persona, be someone that your clients would want to trust their company / brand with.

Get Social.
Get out and about talking to people about what you are doing. The 'six degrees of seperation' myth is true - you never know who you may be talking to. This includes Social Media, have a strong presence on Twitter, a Facebook page, LinkedIn & Instagram (where applicable) and engage with like-minded people, conversations, hashtags and potential clients.

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