Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 websites for 90's kids....

The 90s were iconic years for us cool cats who were born and lived in them. Tamagotchis and pokemon cards just don't resonate with this generate of i-pad addicted kids. So we're taking a stand and counting down the 5 websites for 90's kids to bring back some of those wonderful years!

5. www.tumblr.com/tagged/90s-kids
Okay so number 5 isn't strictly a single site, but its a tag.  All the 90's kid tags from Tumblr. Enjoy.

4. www.adoptafurby.com
Yes, you have seen this correctly, it's a website to adopt Furbies, download manuals, chat all about Furbies, there's even Furb-o-vision. Who knew?

3. things90skidsrealize.com
This site basically attributes that all the best things from the noughties and recent years are derivatives of the 90s. I'd agree with this and I kind of like it.

2. 90skids.com
A website full of 90's nostalgia. Think Fresh Prince, Mario Kart, Nerds and dial up broadband. Oh take us back!

1. www.thespicegirls.com 
And finally, you didn't think I'd exclude the 90's icons that are Victoria, Emma, Mel B, Mel C & Geri? The official site of the Spice Girls - I'm not quite sure if any girl band will ever compare.

Feeling a little nostalgic yet?


Monday, April 4, 2016

Changing your career

Have you ever had the inkling to change your career, fancied working in a different sector or up-sticking across the globe to try something new?

We have a run down of top tips for making it happen:
  1. Know your skills and make sure you can translate these to your new career path. Go with what works for you. 
  2. Research your new subject area. If you know what you are going into it will make the other challenges of change a whole lot easier!
  3. Know your career goals. Regardless of curve-balls in your career path, if you know where you want to go, seeing light at the end of the tunnel will give you the drive to make any change.
  4. Take everything in your stride. Change can be a big thing and a huge adjustment, taking change in your stride will show excellent qualities for potential new roles. 
  5. Be fearless (in the words of Taylor Swift). If you are looking for a change, be fearless in your endeavors, today is the day.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday inspiration: making the most of each day.

Sunday afternoons always seem to come around too soon, and before you know it weeks are months, months are years. Time goes by so quickly. 

I made a few resolutions this year about making the most of each day, so I won't look back as many more moons past with any regrets and that I would do something every day that my future self would thank me for. Here's a little inspiration to help you make the most of each day, be happy, and do things that your future self will thank you for:

1. Do what makes you happy?
When and where do you feel most content?
If you could do anything in the world everyday - what would it be? 
Think about work, hobbies, traveling...

2. Don't compare.
You are the only version of you that there is. 
Your path and your story isn't the same as anyone else. 
Set your own goals, aspirations and learning's to motivate and inspire you.

3. Take a little time out.
Take a little time for yourself each day. 
It might be a few moments each morning when you run through your make up routine, or meditation at the end of the day before bed. 
Taking a little time to reflect and have a quiet moment for you that will help give you perspective.

4. Your health is your wealth.
Look after yourself and your body each day. 
Eat well, sleep well, and listen to your body.

5. Take a little time offline.
We are so connected in the 21st century through technology, but nothing beats seeing someone in the flesh. 
Connecting with others offline seems to be a rarity nowadays, but for some it's the most precious time in the day.


Skincare Round Up

A little round up of my favourites from the week particularly about skincare this week, and my daily routine 1. Oskia Perfect Cleanser possibly the most luxurious cleansing balm I have ever used - it smells like an aromatherapy oil & deeply nourishes the skin. Work into the skin then rework with water to create a milk like consistency & rinse off. Follow with 2. Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths these exfoliating wipes are perfect for cleaning pores & helping them stay at bay. I have started using these on a daily basis & will give a more indepth review of their results, but for the present time - I can't live without them I finish off my skincare routine at the moment with 3. Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser. I have to go for an oil free moisturiser as I have quite an oily consistency & the tube doesn't help with this- so I always go for an oil free to battle the commuting shine & keep a matte skin finish. 4. Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water before any of the above, I have most recently ditched my L'Oreal cleansing water for this Garnier one - simply, there's double for around the same price! Any finally, 5. The Celebrity Soap Social don't forget to get involved in the chats on our Social Media channels and tell us what your weekly favourites are too!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

What's in my Makeup bag?

A run down of all my handbag products and links:

Cath Kidston MakeUp Bag
L'Occitane Hand Sanitizer
Shiseido Lipstick in shade RD750
Estee Lauder Pressed Powder in shade 1C1 Cool Bone
L'Occitane Lip Balm  (similar)
Bobbi Brown Mascara
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Cream Blush
Marks & Spencer Blush Perfume

What are your makeup bag essentials?!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Are you ready for the Freelancing world?

Freelancing in the creative and media fields is becoming ever popular. The perks of choosing your hours & choosing your work, but are you ready to take the freelancing plunge?! In some cases, redundancies push you into the world of freelancing without the pursuit of 'going on your own' - but if you are going to choose to go it alone, remember our top tips if you are ready & how to kick your freelancing off!

Word of mouth is your best friend when it comes to clients and contacts. Network as much as you can, accept every invitation and speak passionately about what you do.

Get listed.
Getting listed on directories suiting your industry are pivotal to gain contacts and improve your recognition within your field. Sites such as Fashion Monitor & Diary Directory are excellent for the Fashion fields, Gorkana and People Per Hour are also great sites for media industries.

Be professional.
Your work is now your life when you are freelancing, personal and professional can tend to merge. Therefore its important to ensure that you omit a professional persona, be someone that your clients would want to trust their company / brand with.

Get Social.
Get out and about talking to people about what you are doing. The 'six degrees of seperation' myth is true - you never know who you may be talking to. This includes Social Media, have a strong presence on Twitter, a Facebook page, LinkedIn & Instagram (where applicable) and engage with like-minded people, conversations, hashtags and potential clients.

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