Thursday, March 31, 2016

Looking for a happier lifestyle?

Here are our little tips to a happier lifestyle:

1. Treat yourself.
It's true that many people say money can't buy happiness, but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. Fancy that chocolate bar or Ben & Jerry's ice cream - go on! Don't let any ounce of guilt get in the way, a little treat can do wonders for a pick me up!

2. Do more of what you love.
Love sports? Get out onto the field and play! Love writing? Start a blog to nurture your interests! Doing more of what you love can take a little step to living a fulfilled and happier life, big things like your job and home life should follow suit with this too, but I appreciate bills won't stop coming in. If there is something that you love, doing it as a hobby may lead somewhere you never expected and one day it could be the very thing that pays your bills.

3. Make time.
Number 2 leads nicely on to number 3. Doing more of what you love comes with a consideration of finding the time. The only thing I can say here is it's important to find and make the time. Even 5 or 10 minutes to listen to your favourite few songs peacefully. Making time to do more of what you love can leave you feeling content and evolve into a happier lifestyle.

4. Don't regret.
Considering what has gone in the past may shape your choices and path for the future, but regretting things will occupy your thoughts and affect your present happiness. What's done is done and dwelling on past occurrences will not help your present happiness. Leave what's done in the past and be happier in the present.

5. Don't compare yourself.
Sometimes, with the age of reality TV and social media, it's easy to draw comparisons to others of your age or demographic. This won't change your circumstance at all, and dwelling on such things won't make you any happier. Don't compare yourself to others, your circumstance, life and personality are completely unique to you

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