Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First Day Etiquette

First day in a new job. Yes it's daunting. Like your first day at school, apart from you can't mope around and 'hang out' in the common room. You're being paid from day one - so it's a little intense!

Is it a small team or large, well to be honest, either can throw up its fair share of awkwardness. In a large office, there's all the names to remember and the office hierarchy that is always going to take time to figure out. In a small office, it's all about trying to fit into the atmosphere quickly because there isn't anywhere to hide!

Either way, first days tend to fly by, and to get through making the right impression, we've summed up a few guidelines to help you along:

You might not remember a single name from your first day, but your new co-workers will remember your first impression. Introduce yourself professionally and make time for people.

You might not know the acronyms for anything that was just said in your induction meeting, but smile and nod like you are completely up to speed and google it all later!

READ. Alot.
You are never going to know everything about everything on your first day. Ready everything you can to bring yourself up to speed as time goes on.

Like the above, you aren't going to know everything on your first day, others will be patient with you - just be patient with yourself. Smaller offices and companies may have less protocol, so you may pick up things more quickly, in larger offices, in many years time you could still be learning new things about the company.

Golden rule. If you aren't sure what the appropriate dress code is ask ahead, and take note at interviews what others are wearing around you. Always over dress on your first day, then adjust from there.

Most importantly, remember that everyone has had a first day - it will become less overwhelming. 

Give it and yourself a chance to settle in.


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