Thursday, January 7, 2016

The best highlighters of 2015

Now strictly speaking this is a 'face brightening primer', but I think the glow it leaves on the skin and fresh look on the cheekbones, t-zone and cupid's bow means I'll keep it in this category thank you very much. It has the most wonderful consistency, if not a little messy with the packaging and application. To access the product you twist the base so the liquid rises up above the wholes in the top. I apply with fingers and then use a foundation or just concealer over the top. It's a little pricey at nearer £20, but it's in line with the other Benefit highlighters and more affordable than a Becca or Hourglass highlighter!

This is the only non-liquid foundation in my favourites! With some of the powders and sticks, I find they look a little cakey on the skin and don't blend in to give a natural finish and that's where this stick is amazing! It's a soft formula so it blends seamlessly and the sponge blender on the other end of the highlighter is handy to help with this too. This stick has a champagne and gold undertone so it's great accompanying bronzer or a darker contour stick in the hollows of the cheeks. This is nearer £24, so it's one of the more expensive Benefit highlighters, but it's right up there with the Nars Multiple stick.

This is a really pretty-pink highlighter. It's got a brush application for the gel-like liquid product and leaves the skin really illuminated. You don't need too much of the product, but it won't last as long as the 'Watt's Up' or 'That Gal' in my experience. It's a versatile product too, you can wear it on it's own for a fresh glow, under foundation to add skin luminosity or on the top of foundation on the cheek bones, cupid's bow and bridge of the nose to strobe.

Don't make the mistake and think this is nail varnish! It's a wonderful gel-like highlighter that leaves a soft glow on the skin. It's deeper than the Benefit High Beam and gives a warmer glow. The quantity isn't huge for nearly £9, but you don't need too must and the product goes a long way. It works best over a liquid foundation and blended into the skin with fingers or a beauty blender. It also looks great on the bridge of the nose and at the top of the cupid's bow - almost like a really subtle strobe effect! 

What were your favourite highlighters in 2015?

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