Saturday, January 16, 2016


I have one of those combination skins, in the winter, traveling on the tube and brisk winds through the city mean that my skin is stripped of its moisture and I tend to get quite dry skin. As much as I try to moisturise to keep my skin hydrated, I find that my makeup applications aren't as smooth- so something like the Indeed Laboratories, Hydraluron Masks are really appealing to my skin type. Especially to revive my skin after Winter.


The masks are very hydrating to the skin, inside the packet, a cloth mask is enclosed, to place on the face and leave for approximately 15 minutes. After this time remove the mask and massage the remaining liquid on the face into the skin. Skin feels instantly hydrated and this feeling lasts overnight until the morning. Makeup applications the next morning are great and skin does feel plump and revived. This is not however a long term solution to dry-skin, I find that the hydrating effects do not last longer than 24 hours, the product does not claim it to do so. So I have been continuing my hydrating routine by using the Clinique, Moisture Surge moisturiser, this for prolonged use leaves lasting hydrated skin.

The price point is quite expensive and one packet encompasses 4 masks, so use them sparingly as this could end up being quite costly for weekly use! The Hydraluron masks are available in selected Boots Store or online

Have you used the masks before, what do you think? Or have you found something even better to combat dry Winter skin? 

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