Friday, January 15, 2016

Breaking into the Fashion & Beauty industry at 23

There will be those of you that grew up nurtured on fashion & all things beauty from day one. Vogue subscriptions, mini Louis at 16, interning since 18 at LCF and others who have completed a degree, working in a job completely unrelated and want to break in.
It's a competitive industry, those who devote their post-16 education to being a Fashion Assistant at ELLE might not necessarily have their dream job, but work hard in the knowledge that one day, The Devil Wears Prada scenario might just be for them. (Although at this point I hasten to add, if you want to work in Fashion & Beauty because of that film- think again. It's far more fabulous on the big screen than living it!)

Anyway, back to the blog point in hand, if you want to break into the Fashion & Beauty industry at 23, there's nothing stopping you, my mid-twenties crisis blog, might have spurred you on to wanting a change- who knows! But one Fashion Assistant I know broke into the industry at 29. You have to be prepared to work for free, I know a stylist that changed career mid-twenties who racked up amounts of debt getting their book & portfolio together but are now very successful in their industry. Please note, I am not suggesting at all that you go a get into heaps of debt and say I told you too - but you catch my drift!

Work hard, don't assume or presume that you are entitled due to age & life experience, it might move you up the ladder quicker but, it won't skip steps. Be nice to people, the industry is a small world, messing people around, changing work days, cancelling last minute won't earn you friends and will alienate you. You don't know if that person you cancelled on in 10 years will be the interviewer for that dream job!

My advice is say yes to every opportunity, I have a friend in the Beauty industry who has done just that and has the most wonderful job at a top PR agency- even if the opportunity was a little daunting, she grabbed it! If you want to do it you have to throw yourself into it 100%, and if you don't that's okay- trust me the industry isn't cut out for everyone.

If you want to get in touch about your experiences or have any specific industry related questions for me please do comment below!


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