Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Destressing after a week at work

The working world can take it out of the best of us, recouping and savouring those weekend seconds is everything. So here's some tips for de-stressing after a week at work and making the most of your weekend:

1. Make a Monday morning to do list
Before you leave the office on Friday evening, make a to do list for the best week. Not only will this ensure your mind doesn't wander throughout the weekend thinking of little things to remember and action on Monday, it will act as a little check list to ensure you have wrapped everything up before you leave the office and get you right back in super-productive-mode on Monday morning!

2. Turn your work mobile OFF!
Yes you. Do it. Do it now!! Your mind can't relax and separate from the preoccupation of work if it's always looming over you and the little red light on the top of your Blackberry brings you flashes of anxiety. It can wait 'till Monday. Turn it off!

3. Go out for drinks & socialise
Join your co-workers for a Friday end of the week tipple- even if it's just for one! You can rejoice in great results of have a little moan and all be in it together- it will give you a life and break up work and play before you get right into the weekend. (Just remember if you go for too many Saturday might throwback to your hungover student days, multiplied by a thousand because we just can't spring back like we used to.... And when Monday morning comes around that hangover on Saturday might still not feel too good!!

4. Have a bath
At the risk of sounding like a Radox advert, soak your stress away with a soak in the tub.... 

5. Listen to music
Some people take to classical notes to send them into a place far, far away, for others, Whitney a la Bridget Jones is a way to erupt emotions at the end of the working week to start the weekend fresh - the choice is yours.

5. Make plans
I'm not talking all singing, all dancing, hiking to Everest plans here. I'm just talking a plan, do something, anything! Do your washing, hit the park for a walk, grab a coffee in town, but be sure that when Sunday evening draws to a close you have done something for you, made the most of the weekend and feel relaxed!
As hump-day gets into full swing and the weekend draws a little closer - what are you going to do to de-stress and make the most of the weekend come 5pm Friday?!

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