Monday, October 26, 2015

Tea Tree Skin Care

In a bid to keep up with a good skin care regime in the grease and grime of commuting and city-working, I've taken to Tea Tree, the natural solution to help blemished skin. I've always been a fan of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil, but have recently branched out to use a selection of their skin cleansing products to add a little more pack to the Tea Tree punch!

I spotted a 30% off discount online, you can get it too here - and snapped up the Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash, the Skin Clearing Toner and the Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser.

Now, I am a keen makeup wearer, and I tend to wear alot, so I'm going to get straight to it and say I always use my trusty Micellar water to take off most of my makeup. But, as we all know a Micellar water doesn't get deep into the skin to clean it, so a cleanser and toner are a must! I like to use the Foaming Cleanser in the morning when I haven't spent a day in the city. It's a pump action foam consistency that leave skin feeling clean and fresh when rinsed off and then I use the cream cleanser for a deeper clean after my Micellar water at the end of the day, lathering on my face and taking off with damp cotton wool. After using the cleansers I tone to close pores and take off any last traces of cleanser before applying my FAVOURITE Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair in the evening and a light Simple moisturiser in the day. 

What skin care are you loving at the moment?


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