Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shake it off.... take if off

There's nothing better than taking all of your make up off at the end of the day and having clean, fresh skin, but there are so many cleansers, make up removers, cleansing waters and cleansing balms on the high street at the moment, where do you even start!? Here's a round up of some of the best make up removers and cleansers to make sure you can take the day off.

Micellar water.
There are so many brands of Micellar water in stores, now, from the traditional Bioderma to very purse-friendly high street version. My favourites are the Boot Botanics and the Simple cleansing waters. They are in-expensive, cut straight through make up, grease and grime and leave the skin feeling fresh before using a creamier, thicker cleanser to get right into the skin. I also like to use Micellar water first thing in the morning to freshen my skin before toning, moisturising and starting my morning make up routine.

Make up remover.
There are some eye and lip make up removers that are great for removing a strong lip stain or waterproof eye make up. My favourites are the Estee Lauder, Take it Away, Simple, Eye Make up Remover and Olay's Eye Make up Remover.

Cream cleanser.
These are my absolute favourites, the Boots Botanics cleanser, Simple's cleansing lotion and The Body Shop's tea tree cool and creamy wash. I don't tend to wear waterproof eye make up so using a Micellar water, followed by a cream cleanser is usually enough for me. I use a 50p sized amount of cream cleanser and massage on my skin, I'm gentle around my delicate eye area (no one wants to promote wrinkles by pulling on the skin!) and then remove the cleanser with damp cotton wool pads.

Recently, my blemish prone skin has really taken to the Body Shop's Tea Tree toner. It's fresh, removes any last trace of cleanser and helps to reduce my redness and blemishes too.

 What are your favourite take off the day products?


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