Monday, September 28, 2015

Things Taylor Swift taught us about life

There are many things that Taylor Swift has contributed to the world: countless boy-trashing love songs; country-pop music to the masses; a renaissance of Romeo and Juliet and the coordinating crop top and short style, but here are some of the things Taylor has taught us about living life...

1. Sometimes you've just got to lose your shit. It's okay.

2. SHAKE IT OFF. Everything. Just shake it all off.

3. Dance like you're in your bedroom with a hairbrush. 
Taylor clearly does it so it's fine for the rest of us.

4. Bad blood is not for the faint hearted. Don't cross a Swiftette or else.

5. Eugh. Justin Beiber is not the one. Soz. 

6. A life is complete with cats.

7. Sometimes people are just......

8. Pulling these move out at an awards ceremony, or in our case, any walk of life is never frowned upon. Anything Miley can do you can do better.

Thanks Tay-Tay.... 



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