Sunday, September 13, 2015

Surviving Fashion Weeks: A Little How To....

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So in the midst of Fashion Weeks, running around from show to show or working shows, here are my little tips to have the smoothest week so far.

1. Wear items with pockets. Getting a good shot at the last minute is crucial for both behind the scenes and in the audience, having phones handy in pockets to snap away is a must. Passes and tickets that can fit in pockets too is essential for easy travel and entrance. You don't want to be the one getting tutted at for holding up a queue of stressed fashionistas!

2. Yes it is okay to move forward a few rows if there are empty seats. You want the best view and the producers want the rows full. Just don't get caught, or do it at my shows!

3. This is your once chance to get happy snapping without annoying everyone. Everyone is Tweeting and Instgramming at fashion shows, so you won't clog up news feeds and get on followers nerves.

4. It is okay to hashtag millions of things in one tweet. The designer, the venue, LFW, front row tweets, the lot. Do it, Fashion Weeks last just a week, so its bearable for that time.

5. Navigate your route between shows prior to arrival. The worst thing is rushing from show to show and then getting lost or on the wrong tube line. Plan your journey to avoid missing shows, once they start you won't be allowed in as a late arrival!

6. Give tickets out to friends. No one wants to see an empty seat. If you can't make it or have a show clash, let someone else have your ticket or notify the PR agency so they can re-allocate your seat. Everyone wants a piece of the action and no one likes to see an empty seat!

7. Wear the designer to the show. Yes, well if you managed to slip into the McQueen show and aren't kitted out in the couture collection, that is okay. But appreciate the crowd, ambiance and dress appropriately. Gothic leathers are great for Acne, but not so great at Issa, where a floral trouser would be far more designer and audience appropriate.

8. Chat, chat and chat. The guest next door to you might be your VIP ticket to another show or party, so use the opportunity to network. Fashion Week's are the place to build your contacts and get some facetime in the industry. As a journalist or blogger Fashion Week is prime time to scoop exclusives and build rapport or as a PR or industry member it is the week to secure sales, clients and coverage.

Good luck over another season of fashion weeks fashionistas, see you on the other side!


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  1. Love this! Very real!!



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