Monday, September 21, 2015

M IS FOR... An A to Z of fashion & beauty careers

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Continuing the new weekly blog feature, an A to Z of careers in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. 

There are a number of ways that you can become a make up artist and a variety of career paths you can follow within the industry. Firstly, you can go to make up school at somewhere like the London College of Fashion, or train on a make up counter like MAC and learn your craft or you can teach yourself with YouTube videos and practice on friends. Then once you are in the industry you can go down the retail route, working in a store with customers, work in TV, film or theatre as a special effects make up artist, work as a wedding make up artist, or work in the fashion and beauty industry as a red carpet and editorial make up artist. There really are so many doors open to you. Pay varies depending on the area you specialise in, celebrity make up artists who are usually freelance can earn six-figure salaries and retail make up artists who are guarenteed a monthly salary from their employer, can earn a lower salary and then commission on their sales. If you are creative and absolutely LOVE make up and beauty, this might be a fitting career for you!

As a machinist you will be making samples, clothing, shoes or accessories for a company or brand. You'll have to be a very skilled sewer and have great attention to detail for a role like this. There are number of ways you can train to be a machinist, taking a fashion degree or working as an intern in a design house and learning the ropes from the experienced machinists. For this role you will work very closely with the designers, pattern cutters and fabric buyers and play an active role in creating samples for fashion shows, one-off bespoke couture creations and altering samples for press or celebrity wear. The hours can be long, especially in the run up to fashion weeks and major red carpet events, but you have the ability to contribute to creating one of a kind pieces! Just imaging if you were a machinist working on the wedding dress of Kate Middleton in the McQueen design house!

All A to Z entries will be compiled in a little ibooks download in a little while, including further career suggestions, tips & insider information & a contacts list. Watch this space for the download link...


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