Monday, September 7, 2015

L is for... An A to Z of fashion & beauty careers

Continuing the new weekly blog feature, an A to Z of careers in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. 

L IS FOR... Layout technician  
In the make up of any outfit or garment, fabric pieces have to be cut before they are sewn and assembled to make a piece of clothing or any accessories, and a layout technician' closely works with the pattern cutter to maximise space use when cutting out pattern pieces. A layout technician will ensure the best and most fabric-economical way to cut out a whole series of items to minimise fabric waste. For this role, a technical course in pattern cutting with a strong understanding of CAD technologies would be very useful and you also need to understand how a garment is put together and have a logical and creative way to see how to maximise the most space on fabric pieces. 

L IS FOR... Lab tester
Cosmetics and makeup are usually formulated in a lab environment, to add all of the ingredients to the product and package then to ensure that the products aren't harmful they will be trialed and tested to see how they perform. Nowadays, I am a firm believer that there is no need to test products on animals, human skin cells can be grown to test products on for allergic reactions and sensitivities. As a scientist or lab technician working with the development of new products, you will work with dermatologists and biologists to create new formulas for cosmetics and makeup, so a degree in biology or cosmetic science would be a great place to start. Combine your studies with some work in a lab and work experience with cosmetic companies where possible, and you could be developing the makeup, skincare, hair care and body care of the future!

All A to Z entries will be compiled in a little ibooks download in a little while, including further career suggestions, tips & insider information & a contacts list. Watch this space for the download link...


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