Monday, September 14, 2015

Five things when you're a twenty-something woman

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Yes, all us twenty-somethings have these thoughts. No it doesn't make us crazy, it makes us normal Gen Y ladies - so give us a break.

1. If you still don't know what to do with your life it's okay. Regular thoughts of packing it all in a relocating to the land of Aus or joining a wildlife conservation trust in the Lake District happen to the best of us.

2. It's okay if you aren't married or engaged. Don't let any man be putting a ring on it. When it's meant to happen it'll happen.

3. In this same vain, your biological click may be ticking, but it's not a time bomb. You're a long way from forty and have plenty of time for babies if you so wish. Calm yourself.

4. My bum/tum/thighs/*insert word here* look big in this. Well... maybe you ate that tub of Ben & Jerry's last night *big deal* if Cameron Diaz has days looking in the mirror and wondering if her bum looks big, you can be forgiven for thinking you aren't a Greek goddess, 100% perfect all of the time and sometimes worry your bum looks fat. 

5. You haven't got a winged eyeliner down and you can't rock a red lipstick. Neither of these things mean anything, ever (probably just a career in make up artistry isn't for you!). If you don't wear a spec of makeup, there are millions of women who would love your confidence. If you can rock a red lip and can flick your eyeliner on in a flash, good on you, please teach me the tricks of your steady-handed lining trade!

Good luck ladies, it's a crazy world out there!


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