Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ten lessons to learn from Gossip Girl

1. High school will be the best days and you'll look back with fond memories.

2. Scheming can sometimes work out well.... sometimes mind....

3. Nice guys don't finish last. Nice guys that ruin weddings finish last.

4. It's okay to refer to yourself in the third person - right Chuck Bass?

5. Some relationships have a habit of always resurfacing. How many times have Dan & Serena been over? Dan & Vanessa.... Nate & Vanessa.... Chuck & Blair.... Blair & Dan? The examples could go on....

6. Following your heart is better than a tiara. Don't learn like Blair.

7. Rufus Humphrey is a beautiful man.

8. There's always a Georgina Sparks lurking. BEWARE!

9. Girl code does apparently not exist on the Upper East Side. (when it comes to boys)

10. A sign off is everything!

Gossip Girl 


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