Monday, August 24, 2015

Just say yes!

Fairly recently, I read a blog post about learning to say, 'no', so here's my thoughts on the 'yes', 'no' debate. 'No' can help you get things done without distractions, but, why would you want to be the 'no' person all of the time? What a way to make you seem unapproachable and not a team player.

Saying 'yes' keeps you learning, it places you as a source of knowledge, a confident for others and a reliable colleague. Why would you say no to opportunities to share knowledge around your team, learn more and act as a voice of authority? Richard Branson is a great advocate of the 'yes' phrase and it hasn't seemed to do him any harm?!

So next time someone asks you for help, wants your advice, comes to you with an issue, don't immediately say 'no' because you want to check your own tasks off your list- say 'yes!'

It is fair to say that, and majorly important to remember, there's a difference between saying 'yes' and doing everyone else's work for then. Don't let yourself be walked over and don't forget how to say 'no'. The times you say it, will make the statement even more powerful.

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