Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here's how to make your commute a little more palatable

As I stand, nearly wedged, on a packed commuter train on my way to a central London location, an article I read yesterday has got me thinking...

Yesterday, a new proposal for incentives for commuters was covered in a whole-host of newspapers and online sites, it focused on tax-cuts for car sharing and part-time travelcards for part-time workers. I don't want to sound a little cynical but if you are commuting part-time you've got a mighty good deal my friend and if you're commuting in your car in your own personal space potentially with air-con, even a traffic jam, as infuriating as it might be, can't be as bad as being stuck standing for hours on a tube? If you're a seasoned train commuter don't you feel a little left out by these new 'commuting is such a chore let's make it more palatable' proposals?!

In light of this, I've got my own tips make your train or tube commute a little more palatable, we can all relate- right?

1. Never stand under an over arm hand rail. Admittedly this isn't always possible, but squeezing into a little corner is better than being faced with an armpit!!

2. If there's a seat, take it. Don't be one of those annoying people who will leave am empty seat whilst others stand....unless there is a more mature (pensioner) around or lady with child - let's not forget life etiquette people!

3. Don't push. We Brits love to queue, but as soon as there's a packed tube all those airs and graces go out the window! I'd like everyone to take a leaf out of the single file system at Canary Wharf, that'd make a commute a little more civilised.

4. Make life easy for yourself and don't get involved in train related altercations. His rucksack might keep hitting your back but it won't go anywhere regardless of your rant and you might be on the train with these people for the next three hours, should a signal failure occur, so play nice. Everyone is grumpy, don't be that angry person that gets all vocal.

As always, good luck with your journeys fellow commuters!

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