Sunday, August 30, 2015

Building your confidence

Some people say confidence is one of those, "fake it 'till you make it" kind of things, as soon as you start believing in yourself, you exude an air of confidence. Here are a few steps to start to believe in yourself and build your confidence.

Don't doubt.

Don't doubt yourself, your ability or your decisions. Whatever you do, do it with pride and passion and you will soon start to build your confidence. If you start to doubt your ability or decision, evaluate if this is for you and what your goals are. Keeping your end goals in mind will clarify your thoughts and give you back that self-belief that will keep any of your doubting thoughts at bay!

Have courage of your convictions.

Courage of your convictions comes from self belief. Stick with your decisions and fulfill every opportunity to your complete potential. Have a look at our tips to become a decision making pro, that will help you out a little on this too!

Think and then speak.

Don't be hurried into a blubbering, verbal-vomit if you get a little nervous. Think carefully, streamline your thoughts and then speak clearly and slowly, you'll appear considered, in control and confident, even if you are a nervous-wreck on the inside.

Walk tall.

Don't slouch, don't hide away in the corner. Put yourself in the thick of it, whether it's a new social situation, work event or meeting, keep your head up and shoulders back and use our tips to think and then speak with purpose.

Look the part.

There is a well know saying that goes along the lines of, "dress for the job you want to have, not the job you have". Dressing the part can enhance your confidence, help you feel like you belong and increase your presence in a meeting, presentation or new job.


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