Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Collection Lengthening Mascara

Any mascara worn correctly can do wonders to open the eye and brighten the face. But there are a few that are miracle workers, take the Benefit Roller Lash for example, not a purse friendly option at nearly £20, but a wonder mascara nonetheless. Then take the Collection Lengthening Mascara, the same plastic bristle brush as the Roller Lash (all be it without the curve but they still get every lash and apply product evenly!) a long-lasting product that opens the eye, doesn't smudge on the lid, and a VERY purse friendly option at around a fiver, less if you get it on offer or in one of the 3 for 2 offers that have been testing my will power lately! 

Simply put, there are mascaras, a makeup bag essential, if there is one product I would never be without, a mascara would be in the mix. Then there are mascaras like the Benefit Roller Lash and this Collection beauty that are golden children of the mascara generation. Go invest in this now is all I shall say and let your eyes speak for themselves!


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