Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FIT me foundations

I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure on this Maybelline FIT me foundation...well not on me anyway. I picked up a few shades to add to my kit and have been trying out the shades 120 and 220 on my own complexion. For me the 220 is quite dark, I've only just started using this whilst wearing fake tan and if I build up coverage, I look completely tangoed. Yes there is a fair shade, the 120, but this for me is far too pale. Mixing a combination of the 120 and the 220 on me would work, but is everyone going to buy two foundation shades to mix a seamless colour everyday?

Having said that the colour doesn't quite work for me, when this foundation, 'settles' into my skin, I like the dewy but not oily finish it leaves, and if I buff off some of the excess colour to tone down the shade a little, I can use this foundation for summer time. For winter, I can't see the shades working for me, they seem to oxidise too much on my skin and always leave an orange hue.

So all in all, I'm sticking with my MAC Studio Fix in NW15 that has more of a pink undertone and suits my skin all year round.

Have you tried the FIT me foundations?


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