Monday, May 25, 2015

Blogging ideas...

Writers block, or bloggers block, can happen now again, so here are some ideas for posts to get you inspired to start blogging.

1. Monthly favourites. 
A round up of the best, or worst products from the month.

2. What's going on this weekend?
If you are blogging in an industry, such as food, fashion, theatre, why not round up what's going on this weekend and what's hot in your industry at the moment.

3. Your desk space.
Everyone loves a little organisation, so you could blog about your desk space or home office and your storage solutions.

4. Outfit of the day.
What are you wearing today, share you style tips with your readers in an OOTD post.

5. Today's face.
What makeup are you wearing today, share your trends and tips with your readers in a makeup post.

6. A day in the life.
If you are a full time blogger or blog alongside another job, why not consider blogging a day in the life?

7. Summer trends.
Looking ahead to the summer season, why not blog about your favourite summer trends as all of the new seasons start to drop in-store and online?

8. Your inspirations.
Are you working in a particular industry or inspired by a few quotes or people? Share this with other and blog about them, you don't know who you might be able to inspire. I did a run down of the top Fashion Editors and Makeup Artists to know...

9. Brand focus.
Is there a brand that you are loving at the moment? Share this with your readers and blog about your new favourite brand.

10. How to start a blog.
Inspire your readers to start their own blog, writing about how you started, sharing tips and advice you have gathered along the way too!

Finally, write about what you love, makeup, beauty, fashion, food, travel, film, sports...whatever inspires you share it with others on your own little slice of the web.


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