Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FIT me foundations

I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure on this Maybelline FIT me foundation...well not on me anyway. I picked up a few shades to add to my kit and have been trying out the shades 120 and 220 on my own complexion. For me the 220 is quite dark, I've only just started using this whilst wearing fake tan and if I build up coverage, I look completely tangoed. Yes there is a fair shade, the 120, but this for me is far too pale. Mixing a combination of the 120 and the 220 on me would work, but is everyone going to buy two foundation shades to mix a seamless colour everyday?

Having said that the colour doesn't quite work for me, when this foundation, 'settles' into my skin, I like the dewy but not oily finish it leaves, and if I buff off some of the excess colour to tone down the shade a little, I can use this foundation for summer time. For winter, I can't see the shades working for me, they seem to oxidise too much on my skin and always leave an orange hue.

So all in all, I'm sticking with my MAC Studio Fix in NW15 that has more of a pink undertone and suits my skin all year round.

Have you tried the FIT me foundations?


Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer hair favourites

Sun, sea, the beach and humidity can really dry out hair, so these are a few of my favourite protectors and restorers for keep hair tip-top for summer. 

The L'Oreal Mythic Oil gives some nourishment back to the hair if it's dried out by the salt, sand and summer heat. Pump the oil into the palm of your hands and use all over your hair, especially the ends, to keep it nourished and sleek. None of this straw-like summer hair please!

The newest addition to the summer hair care collection is the Percy & Reed, No Oil Oil.
It doesn't leave any residue on the hair and is designed to give volume to the hair whilst keep it sleek and managing fly-aways. Perfect for keeping hair volumous and sleek on holiday and combatting the frizz.

It's no secret the sun lightens hair and enhance your natural highlights, to cheat the look or give your highlights a little added help try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder Lightening Spray. It'll cheat you that sunkissed, beach highlights look in a bottle.

What are your favourite hair products this summer?


Blogging ideas...

Writers block, or bloggers block, can happen now again, so here are some ideas for posts to get you inspired to start blogging.

1. Monthly favourites. 
A round up of the best, or worst products from the month.

2. What's going on this weekend?
If you are blogging in an industry, such as food, fashion, theatre, why not round up what's going on this weekend and what's hot in your industry at the moment.

3. Your desk space.
Everyone loves a little organisation, so you could blog about your desk space or home office and your storage solutions.

4. Outfit of the day.
What are you wearing today, share you style tips with your readers in an OOTD post.

5. Today's face.
What makeup are you wearing today, share your trends and tips with your readers in a makeup post.

6. A day in the life.
If you are a full time blogger or blog alongside another job, why not consider blogging a day in the life?

7. Summer trends.
Looking ahead to the summer season, why not blog about your favourite summer trends as all of the new seasons start to drop in-store and online?

8. Your inspirations.
Are you working in a particular industry or inspired by a few quotes or people? Share this with other and blog about them, you don't know who you might be able to inspire. I did a run down of the top Fashion Editors and Makeup Artists to know...

9. Brand focus.
Is there a brand that you are loving at the moment? Share this with your readers and blog about your new favourite brand.

10. How to start a blog.
Inspire your readers to start their own blog, writing about how you started, sharing tips and advice you have gathered along the way too!

Finally, write about what you love, makeup, beauty, fashion, food, travel, film, sports...whatever inspires you share it with others on your own little slice of the web.


Botanics skincare

I happened to stroll across the re-branded Boots Botanics skincare collection today, and decided to try it out. I have used the Boots Botanics haircare range before, but the skincare was something new to me. After using the complete collection once, I can't really tell any difference between any of the Micellar solutions on the market at the moment. I have used the Garnier, L'Oreal, Bioderma and they all take off makeup - simple as.

The cleanser is a slightly thicker consistency than I was expecting with a hint of pink to it too! It was cooling on the skin and felt a little more luxurious because of its thicker consistency than I was expecting for a drug store cleanser. It did the job once again, but left my skin a little dry when taking off with damp cotton wool.

Following this I tried the purifying face scrub, I haven't used an exfoliate scrub in a little while, as I had been sticking to cream exfoliates, however, this one felt like it really got to work on my skin removing the dead skin cells. I would add a note of caution to anyone with very sensitive skin to stick with a cream exfoliate, as a scrub could cause irritation or breakouts! I finished up my new routine with my go to Oskia moisturiser (post to follow shortly on my new favourite go-to moisturiser!) and for less than £10 for the three items, I felt pretty pleased with my purchases.

Have you tried the new-look Boots Botanics skincare collection - what do you think?

Shop the post:

Collection: Speedy Blush

The Collection, Speedy Blush is a thrifty dupe for the Clinique Chubby Stick. At £3.99, they are the perfect pigment for a flushed natural-looking check and are very blendable on a normal to combination skin too.

The speedy blush has a great formula. and is easy to work into the skin with fingers or a stippling brush should you prefer. If you have very dry skin, make sure you have moisturised well or have a dewy base on before using the product to give a flawless finish and make the product extra blendable.

The only difference between the two products in my opinion is the quantity. The Clinique Chubby Stick give you a slightly larger quantity, but, I for one, have never finished a chubby stick so I can't see this mattering too much. If you do happen to finish your Collection speedy blush, you could by four of them for the price of a chubby stick, so it still a great buy.

The Collection colour range is limited to three shades, 01, 'Tickled Pink', 02 'Cheeky' and 03 'Pinch Me', a darker plum colour that isn't really suiting to my skin tone, so they don't as yet produce a highlighter or contour version that Clinique do, however, I can imagine it won't be too long until these are available as part of the Speedy Blush collection too.

Have you tried the speedy blush yet or are you a die-hard Clinique chubby stick fan?


Summer wallpapers

1. here 2. here 3. here
4. here 5. here 6. here 
7. here 8. here 9. here

Download 'em all from the links to pretty-up your devices!

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