Sunday, April 19, 2015

Don't smother it; cover it

Okay so, unusual title for a post but everything will come to light shortly. 

Spending my usual Sundays watching Lisa Eldridge teach me all there is to know about a flawless base and her signature 'no make up make up' there was a little gem that I wanted to mention more about. A tutorial by Lisa featured how to cover problem skin, mild acne, something that us mere mortals and celebs alike sometimes struggle with. We've all been there when we are desperately trying to layer up concealer to hide a blemish when the cake-like coverage draws attention to areas that any close encounter on public transport would look past. So Lisa in her wise words, mentions that we only need use foundation and coverage on specific areas -leave as much of the clear skin as possible make up free. Especially around the eyes as others are drawn to the eyes and won't notice make up application on the rest of the skin. Apply a light foundation to even out skin tone to areas that are needed and then work with a fuller coverage back into specific places with a very fine brush.

The result a flawless complexion that doesn't look 'smothered caked-on makeup' bit covers imperfections and draws others to the natural eyes. Watch Lisa's tutorial here and let me know what you think- I for one have stopped a blanket foundation layer and am embracing as much natural skin as I can!


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