Monday, March 23, 2015

The Intern's Way: Part 2

Following on from the do nots of getting an internship and gaining as much from it as possible, so todays post is all the dos!

1. Do retain your enthusiasm. Internships are all about connections and communication, if you keep smiling people will naturally draw to you, generating contacts and relationships that you will need in the future.

2. Do research the company prior to application and interview. Remember brands or work of the company that will either impress the employer due to your extensive fashion knowledge, or impress that you have put time and effort into preparation and interest in their particular genre.

3. Do remember to proof read everything! This means applications, day-to-day emails, documents etc. If you have spelling errors in applications, incorrect grammar or colloquial phrases, it is highly unlikely employers would want you to represent their company. Also remember, that it is far better to write formally when communicating than use contractions and 'slang', you never know how will end up reading your emails, and you would not use such language to the Editor of a magazine.

4. Do express what you can do for the company. Many applications are focused on what you wish to gain from the internship, however think about what you can add and give back to the company. This will stand you apart in your application letters and if you deliver when you are in your placement, hopefully this will make you indispensable too!

5. Do love the job. Days can be long and tiring in the fashion industry, with commutes or errand running from place to place, so a love of the role you are placed in and the industry is essential to maintain your enthusiasm and get you up in the morning.

The next post on interns will be the Rules of PR!


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