Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring clean

You know that spring when blooms start to appear and daffs open up with their bright sunny-petals, so while I sit and have a little New Zealand Sauvignon, I thoroughly think its time to get Spring cleaning, dust, declutter and clear out the cobwebs ready for a new lease of spring-life.

Here are my top five tips to get a little spring in your step, declutter and clear out.

Sort things out.
Now I don't just mean things that you have been putting off, like filling your election forms, booking in the long overdue barnet trim, I mean that pile of shoes at the bottom of your cupboard with years of dust. Clean it. You'll feel so much chirpier and focused, it's amazing what turning everything upside down to start a fresh can do.

List anything you don't want to keep on Ebay.
Having a good old spring clean - if you do it properly - might throw up a few surprises like that skirt/trouser combo from the nineties you don't think will make a re-apperance anytime soon, so get it on Ebay. The chances are someone else in the world might want it and you can get some extra funds to invest in a little Primarni-spree.

Don't forget your cosmetics.
Now, some people hang on to cosmetics for years, and I mean years and years if they don't use them up. But actually, cosmetics and makeup do have a shelf life. If you have blemish-prone or sensitive skin these can really cause breakouts. After using makeup for a long time, compacts, brushes and wands need to be cleaned. Give your cosmetics a good going through, wipe and clean where necessary, and those mascaras from three years ago that are rock hard - get rid - your lashes will thank you for it.

Don't forget your soul.
I'm not going to get all Gwyneth on you now, but seriously, everyone needs to clear their mind now and again to feel revitalised. Book up some yoga sessions, a massage or spend an afternoon lost in a good book. Having a little time out from the internet and the hustle and bustle of daily life is as good a spring clean for the mind as any.

If you are going to do a little spring cleaning this weekend, I hope it's productive and that you take a little time out to put a little spring in the step of your soul too.


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