Monday, March 30, 2015

Art, typography and interiors

It's no secret that creativity, art and design are great sources of inspiration. Couple that with some quotes, lyrics and words that are motivational and it's a winner to beat the Monday morning blues, or give you a little pick me up. Not to mention framed paintings and prints are great interior additions, they add finishing touches and make a house a home.

Lately gold foils prints have been popular in the blog-o-sphere, but also monochrome, minimalistic paintings. I like to pick up the paintbrush still after my art degree and there's nothing better than knowing your brush strokes are inspiring others and it's a great compliment to see work on walls of businesses and homes. If you are interested, original paintings are available for purchase in frames or unframed along with some more abstract oil paintings.


Sunday, March 29, 2015


MAC Sheer Blush in Pinch Me. After always looking to Benefit for a blush, I decided to look elsewhere after seeing the price increase of the Dandelion blush (it started off at £18.50 and now retails for £22.50) The Mac blushed tend to retail at the most for £17.50 so it seemed to best place to start. I was looking for something that would give a natural, flushed colour -something that would show but not look 'Barbie-like'. After reading various reviews for the 'Pinch Me' shade and seeing it against various swatches it seemed like the perfect shade. Although the blush is categorised as a 'Sheer Tone' it is still well pigmented and creates a nice colour without overloading the skin. Used over a primer and the Estee Lauder, Double Wear Foundation it tends to stay put all day -through the morning underground rush and back! All in all a very good purchase -I think I would like to try the Look blush in 'Flirt' as that seems to be an even better priced alternative.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Intern's Way: Part 3

The Rules of PR

As a PR intern, I have learned some rules of both PR and interning within the Fashion world to share with you:

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate. The fashion world is a very competitive and over-subscribed business, the more contacts you can make and the more you can get your name known via communicating will stand you in good stead. As a PR intern, your role is all about communication, your tone, your enthusiasm....but its about knowing what to say, not saying too much!

2. Know your publications! Yes know your Vogue, Glamour, Harpers etc. but also know your Dazed, Idol and online publications like Style Slicker

3. Know your celebrities! Once again, knowing Cheryl Cole is necessary but also new upcoming stars so you can create conversation with their stylist or manager when the visit.

4. Know your Social Media! Everything is re-tweeted and placed on Facebook now, so to know your social media networks and how to use them to both your and your clients advantage is vital!

Any questions, as always, say hi on twitter or comment.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

LOOK BEAUTY: Flirt Blush

Here's a little beauty throw back Thursday. Quite a while ago, there was 50% off everything at Look Beauty and some of the blushers are simply devine! I stocked up on a few essentials at the reduced rate. The Flirt blush has been rather 'hyped' by a few bloggers, and for good reason. Its a peachy, coral shade, perfect for a flushed glow. The blush is well pigmented with a slight shimmer, so try not to overload and avoid the Barbie look! The blush has a large compact mirror included, but not brush or applicator, so for on the go -its not the most handy of inventions. I find Clinique or Bourjois are great for on the go blush with a substantial brush applicator. Nevertheless, for £3.50 -this blush is perfect!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Insider Interview: Kat&Bee

In this week's Insider Interview, we chat to Kat&Bee's founder Kat about life working in as a jewellery designer and as Commercial Director of Twin Magazine

What’s your usual working day like?

My working day is so varied as it depends on what orders we have and time of the year.  I guess a general day starts with yoga. I'm obsessed. It really sets me up for the day. As does a very large coffee after.  I then answer emails, liase with Emslie Creative on PR/Marketing activity and work on developing the website.  The afternoon is then spent making and sending out orders.  Evenings I tend to do research on different brands and read up on digital marketing which is often my bedtime reading these days!

What was your dream job when you were younger?

I always wanted to be a fashion designer and spent time drawing dresses albeit shocking ones that are not to be shared!!!!  I also love helping people and wanted to do something with people and talked about coaching or being a therapist or psychiatrist.

What's the best piece of career advice you've been given?

 An old boss once said to try to do something out of your comfort zone at least once a day as it will push your boundaries and develop you.  Admittedly one a day is tough but it's such brilliant advice and I always think about this when I am feeling nervous or overwhelmed with something.   I think doing the out of comfort zone with confidence (even if you are worried and scared sick inside!) is key too.  Most people are worried about something and I think it is a case of managing this with positivity.

What's your number one style tip?

Simplicity and invest in key basics.  My style has really changed over the years and I was very much focused on wearing things a little bit differently but since I have started Kat&Bee I have less time but also love the simplicity of key basics - you will most likely see me in jeans and a t-shirt with heels or trainers.  Always add red lips and some Kat&Bee jewellery for a dash of glamour.

If you weren't doing the career you are now, what do you think you would be doing?

I used to work solely in media at the Guardian and ELLE magazine (I still work on Twin Magazine - and I guess i would either be working in the similar field doing brand partnerships.  I do love helping people and did always thing

If someone was looking for a career change into your industry, how would you propose the best way is to start?

Just do it.  There is never a right time and it is always going to be scary and there is always going to be loads of competition and people being wary for you.  You know if it is the right time and I think if it feels right then go for it.  I would research as much as possible as you can never know enough about an industry as everything is constantly evolving.  Be bold and brave and just go for it.  

What's the best thing about your job?

I still get that warm fuzzy feeling when I get an order come in and a real sense of achievement that csutomers love the brand and buy into it.  I do get a lot of repeat customers which is great and affirms everything that I am doing.  I love the freedom and flexibility of being able to decide which direction and angle to take.

What's the toughest part of your job?

On the flip side - sometimes the decisions and buck stopping at you can be tough.  Very tough in fact.  But it is all in the mindset of how you approach things.

Most proud career moment to date?

I think being involved in Paris Fashion week and getting stocked in the likes of Opening Ceremony, Henri Bendel and ASOS are all huge accolades.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still enjoying what I do!  I want the business to continue to grow organically and be loved by all its customers. We are working on more finer and luxury pieces so working on more bespoke items that are serious creations and works of art and being known for that would be a real achievement in 10 years time.

Read more insider interviews here and look out for our next Insider Interview.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


MAC Matte Lipstick in DIVA. I have long been searching for a deep red/aubergine lip colour that isn't well -cheap! Sometimes, I think a block lip colour can exude cheap not chic, so its taken me a long while to find something I am happy with -and here it is! The colour of the lipstick doesn't really do justice to the vampy colour it transfers to on the lip so I will be sure to do another post wearing the lip colour to show. The matte finish means the colour looks right on-trend and a little Khloe Kardashian-esque. The colour is good, it tends to stay put and even leaves a little stain after removal, so it won't go anywhere if you need colour for a whole evening. Overall, I wouldn't have spent my £14.50 any other way!

What lip colours are you loving at the moment?


Monday, March 23, 2015

The Intern's Way: Part 2

Following on from the do nots of getting an internship and gaining as much from it as possible, so todays post is all the dos!

1. Do retain your enthusiasm. Internships are all about connections and communication, if you keep smiling people will naturally draw to you, generating contacts and relationships that you will need in the future.

2. Do research the company prior to application and interview. Remember brands or work of the company that will either impress the employer due to your extensive fashion knowledge, or impress that you have put time and effort into preparation and interest in their particular genre.

3. Do remember to proof read everything! This means applications, day-to-day emails, documents etc. If you have spelling errors in applications, incorrect grammar or colloquial phrases, it is highly unlikely employers would want you to represent their company. Also remember, that it is far better to write formally when communicating than use contractions and 'slang', you never know how will end up reading your emails, and you would not use such language to the Editor of a magazine.

4. Do express what you can do for the company. Many applications are focused on what you wish to gain from the internship, however think about what you can add and give back to the company. This will stand you apart in your application letters and if you deliver when you are in your placement, hopefully this will make you indispensable too!

5. Do love the job. Days can be long and tiring in the fashion industry, with commutes or errand running from place to place, so a love of the role you are placed in and the industry is essential to maintain your enthusiasm and get you up in the morning.

The next post on interns will be the Rules of PR!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Interns Way : Part #1

This is something a little different for The Pink Tank, dedicated to the world of interning. I myself have been an intern in the fashion industry and upon graduation I am lucky to be heading into paid employment, so I am going to share a little of my experiences, tips and tricks of the trade so if you are looking to start an internship or currently interning and looking for a paid role following your placement, then I hope these few upcoming posts will help you!

Firstly, I shall start with the do nots of interning or gaining an internship!

1. Do not assume you are in title to any internship or any payment, you must view the experience you gain throughout the internship as payment enough. If you aren't humble there are hundreds of other applicants that are waiting to grab the chance!

2. Do not be late or take extended lunch breaks. View the internship as a paid, working job, this dedication will impress your employer and might just nab you that paid job upon completion.

3. Do not underestimate the importance of a first impression. This may be on the phone as a telephone interview or in person. Tone of voice, a smile, dress, (the dreaded) chipped nail varnish all compile a first impression, and you never get a second chance at a first impression.

4. Do not underestimate your value or importance. You may be working for the experience, but in the competitive world of fashion small designers or agencies can only function with the inclusion of interns. Therefore you are a key, valued part of the machine.

5. Do not be afraid to ask question and enquire about the industry. You are there to do a job but also to  gain experience, the more you can learn in the role the more valuable you will become to the company as an employee or in your next internship.

The next post will be all of the dos of interning!

Do you have any specific questions about interning you would like me to cover?

Insider Interview: Kitty Ferreira founder Valerie Goode

In this week's Insider Interview we chat to Valerie Goode, ethical fashion brand founder of Kitty Ferreira.

What’s your usual working day like?

Very hectic answering emails, speaking to suppliers, researching and designing new styles, managing my team and networking in the evenings

What was your dream job when you were younger?

To be a fashion designer and help people some how

What's the best piece of career advice you've been given?

Take things slow. Fitting that we are a slow fashion brand!

What's your number one style tip?

Feel confident within yourselkf and about yourself- you'll naturally pick pieces that compliment your aura.

If you weren't doing the career you are now, what do you think
you would be doing?

I'd be a lawyer.

If someone was looking for a career change into your industry,
how would you propose the best way is to start?

Speak to as many people within the industry as possible and gain working experience before you take the plunge


What's the best thing about your job?

Being creative and managing lots of different people and different roles. As stressful as it may be some times it's comforting knowing that we are collectively building something from scratch. Also meeting someone knew who believes in the ethos and loves our pieces


What's the toughest part of your job?

Dedicating enough time to myself to unwind and rest

Most proud career moment to date?

Winning the royal college of art design innovation award which will enabe us to train disadvantaged youths and offer to our target market a bespoke service. No other sustainable brand offers a luxury product to be sold in a sustainable down to earth fashion.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Building to the brand to offer franchising opportunities to young school leavers and older experienced pattern cutters alike. It would be fantastic to bridge the generation gap and help to revive skills shortages in this country.

Read more insider interviews here and look out for next week's interview. 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Monday 004

It's that time again, Music Monday. This week's song selection is something a little deep, the Comic Relief duet from Sam Smith and John Legend, Ellie Goulding, Kanye West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney.



Saturday, March 14, 2015

Think Pink Beauty Round Up

Thinking pink and all things rose tinted today for a few new beauty purchases, its about taking makeup off and little flushes of colour from Bourjois and OPI.

The Micellar water by L'Oreal is a staple to take off the day's make up before cleansing, it cuts through makeup and leaves the skin feeling fresh and gets rid of stubborn mascara too.

A little OPI never hurt anyone, at the moment I am favouring natural shades like this shade 'Bubble Bath' from the OPI Trend on Ten kit.

There's a great Lisa Eldridge YouTube video about ways to wear lipstick, one of which was applying the lipstick to your forth finger and pressing this into the lips to stain the lips with a natural, long-lasting colour. I tried this with the Bourjois 'Rouge Edition' lipstick in that leaves a wonderful rose-tinted shade on the lips in 'Pretty Prune', if you wear it straight from the bullet it leaves a much stronger, opaque colour on the lips. Continuing in the Bourjois theme, their latest blush, 'Exclusif Rose', is a customised blush shade that changes to suit skin types. 

A little pink beauty is always a good pick me up we've found!

 Shop the post:


Monday, March 9, 2015

Music Monday 003

This week's Music Monday, is a collection of chilled, relaxing tunes. After all, Monday's are mad enough aren't they! Have a listen to Tom Odell, Mr. Probz and Kodaline.

Enjoy and happy Monday!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring clean

You know that spring when blooms start to appear and daffs open up with their bright sunny-petals, so while I sit and have a little New Zealand Sauvignon, I thoroughly think its time to get Spring cleaning, dust, declutter and clear out the cobwebs ready for a new lease of spring-life.

Here are my top five tips to get a little spring in your step, declutter and clear out.

Sort things out.
Now I don't just mean things that you have been putting off, like filling your election forms, booking in the long overdue barnet trim, I mean that pile of shoes at the bottom of your cupboard with years of dust. Clean it. You'll feel so much chirpier and focused, it's amazing what turning everything upside down to start a fresh can do.

List anything you don't want to keep on Ebay.
Having a good old spring clean - if you do it properly - might throw up a few surprises like that skirt/trouser combo from the nineties you don't think will make a re-apperance anytime soon, so get it on Ebay. The chances are someone else in the world might want it and you can get some extra funds to invest in a little Primarni-spree.

Don't forget your cosmetics.
Now, some people hang on to cosmetics for years, and I mean years and years if they don't use them up. But actually, cosmetics and makeup do have a shelf life. If you have blemish-prone or sensitive skin these can really cause breakouts. After using makeup for a long time, compacts, brushes and wands need to be cleaned. Give your cosmetics a good going through, wipe and clean where necessary, and those mascaras from three years ago that are rock hard - get rid - your lashes will thank you for it.

Don't forget your soul.
I'm not going to get all Gwyneth on you now, but seriously, everyone needs to clear their mind now and again to feel revitalised. Book up some yoga sessions, a massage or spend an afternoon lost in a good book. Having a little time out from the internet and the hustle and bustle of daily life is as good a spring clean for the mind as any.

If you are going to do a little spring cleaning this weekend, I hope it's productive and that you take a little time out to put a little spring in the step of your soul too.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Insider Interview: Jessica Thomas, Founder, Over My Body

In this week's Insider Interview, we chat to founder of new cult-brand website Over My Body, that brings Australian & US brands to the UK fashionista.

What’s your usual working day like?  
My average working day normally involves a mixture of sitting at the computer in the office answering emails and doing admin, and racing around to meetings with suppliers and agents. As many of our brands are 'fast fashion' labels, we are buying new collections from them every month to make sure the site has brand new stock being uploaded on a weekly basis. As our studio and stock is held in the North East I am also making regular trips up there to supervise and help style our stock shoots.

What was your dream job when you were younger?
My dream job when I was younger was actually to be a journalist  - which I went on to be. I always wanted to write and have a naturally inquisitive (or perhaps you could say nosey!) nature, so it seemed like the perfect fit for me.

What's the best piece of career advice you've been given?
The best piece of career advice I've received would probably be from my mother, an entrepreneur herself. She always taught me to forge my own path, to be brave and MAKE things happen, rather than sitting back and waiting for opportunities and success to come to you.

What's your number one style tip?
My number one style tip would be to be brave. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours, prints and shapes that are different from what you would usually wear. I admire women that want to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in with the masses. This is one of the reasons I launched Over My Body, I was struggling to find unique and affordable fashions from UK websites and was being forced to ship from international sites in order to find items that stood out.

If you weren't doing the career you are now, what do you think you would be doing?
I would probably do something completely different. I've always had a love for animals and like the idea of working with an elephant charity in Africa or starting a cat and dog shelter. I do worry I would probably be too emotional to do something like this though!

If someone was looking for a career change into your industry, how would you propose the best way is to start?
If someone was wanting to start their own website I would probably recommend they do their research. I know it sounds obvious but having the right suppliers, in terms of web developers etc is so so important. There are so many people who are quite happy to rip you off and sell you an overpriced product that isn't right for you. Also to ensure you have the support of friends and family - in the early stages of any start up business having their help is invaluable.

What's the best thing about your job?
I think definitely being around beautiful clothes all day! Pulling together a selection of what I think are the most unique, beautiful and affordable fashions for British women - I really love it.
What's the toughest part of your job?
I would say the toughest part of the job is having the responsibility of being your own boss and everything resting on your shoulders. It can be very stressful and involve long hours, however it's worth every worry and late night.

Most proud career moment to date?
My proudest moment is definitely the day went live. It was two months later than planned and a year in the making, so that day just felt fantastic. The process of setting the business up was a rollercoaster of ups and downs and moments where I even doubted it would be possible, so it was certainly a proud moment when it was up and running, ready for customers to shop.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I'm not a big believer in long term life plans. I think you should live in the moment and be spontaneous and take opportunities as they arise. If you had asked me the same question 10 years ago I certainly wouldn't have guessed I would be here.

Read more insider interviews here and look out for our next interview with founder of ethical brand Kitty Ferreira.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Decleor: Phytopeel exfoliating cream

 I used to be an avid fan of microdermabraison and the clearing results it had on my skin, until I read a few articles and hear a few experts, including, MUA extraordinaire, Lisa Eldridge, mention that the short term effects of exfoliating the skin in this way don't do skin any favours as you get older. Lisa swears by cream exfoliants, where enzymes naturally exfoliate away the dead skin cells. So, after a little research, and more than enough sand-blasting of my skin coupled some advise from my facialist who uses the all natural, Decleor collection on my skin she suggested the Phytopeel cream exfoliate. It's not as pricey as you might think, a snip over £26, but when used once or twice a week it lasts a lifetime in skincare years. It leaves the skin feeling clean, renewed but not stripped or tingly. I've started using this in my routine on a weekly basis and can see it's helping my complexion and adding a little radiance to my skin without sand-blasting it!



Music Monday 002

This week's music selection includes some tunes from Brit Winner Taylor Swift, a little pick me up from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson and another Brit Award winner James Bay.


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