Saturday, February 7, 2015

Simple ways to de-stress

We are going to pretend that life is all-things rose tinted, sometimes over little things or major things stress levels can go sky-high and here are some simple ways to help de-stress.

1. Put the kettle on.
In scenario's of stress, putting the kettle on can take you away from a situation and give you a little break. Taking 10 minutes with just yourself and a brew can give you a little head-space to compose yourself.

2. Start an active hobby.
As more of a long term stress buster, starting an activity can physically relive your stress. Going for a run and pounding the pavement can work out internal stress, if you have a little more bent up aggression why not try a kick boxing class and get in shape at the same time.

3. Take a bath.
There's nothing quite as relaxing as a soak in the bath. Light some candles and pour a glass of wine and slowly turn into a prune.

4. Count to ten.
Obviously bath's aren't necessarily readily available in moments where stress peaks - so try counting to ten. Clear your thoughts, breathe deeply, count slowly to ten and regain a sense of control. 

5. Get 40 winks.
If you are feeling stressed this can be heightened by your sleeping pattern, sometimes the two seem like a vicious circle, tiredness can lead to stress, stress can lead to poor sleeping habits. Breaking the cycle isn't easy. Take naps when you feel tired can give you more energy and clearing your mind before you go to sleep can help. Turn off your mobile devices, steer clear of caffeine for a few hours before sleeping too.

Here's hoping some of these little ways can help you alleviate stress - if you have some of your favourite tips comment with them below!

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