Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What is The Pink Tank actually all about....?

Okay so if you've been following us since our launch late last year, you'll know that we cover a variety of topics including careers, advice, work, style and beauty, and you might be thinking, what are we actually about. Inspire and all that jazz....but what?!

So we've taken a little time to pen down why The Pink Tank started, what we wanted to achieve and what (we hope) we evoke from you.

We focus a lot on careers and advice, not because we're about every young woman being the next Karen Brady or Michelle Mone with blow-dry's a plenty, but we are about you being whatever you dream and having the confidence to do whatever you want to. If it's a FTSE 100 CEO post that drives you or most importantly for some, the best mum you can possibly be - that's what we want to inspire in you and help you become. 

For some people it's about having it all, work, life, relationships, posessions, for others, it's enjoying life's little pleasures with a swipe of lippy for good measure but following that one dream and if that's what get's you up in the morning, whatever it may be, that's what we want to inspire in you.


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