Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tips to become a decision making pro...

For some people, decision making is something that comes quickly and easily, a lot like turning on alight switch. It's all about difference personalities, if you are an impulsive decision maker or a ponderer and worrier. For the impulsive among you, your decision is final. That tends to be end of. But for the worriers out there, your decision making is a back and forth, pro and against list agonising over what could be best. Decisions that are important to you, you may wish to take time over and consider, don't forget to listen to your gut and let your instincts guide you too. But once you have come to a conclusion, rethinking or regretting won't be positive for you.
Before making a decision, if you want to ponder it and aren't an impulsive decision maker, weight up your options, think carefully and honestly about your goals, motivations and aspirations. Make lists for and against if this helps you too to clearly contract the different points. Come to a rounded conclusion, ask for advice if you would like, but be sure to make your own decisions. It's your life and you can't hold anyone else accountable if things don't work out how you wanted.
Most importantly, when you have made your choice, put it to bed. Thinking more about the right or wrong option will only make you more uncertain and doubt your choice further.
If you have chosen the wrong path and can amend it, great, but if you can't, don't blame hindsight (it's never going to help) but learn and use the experience to further information your decision making in the future. Think of this occasion as another step to help you get back onto your path in the future and make you a stronger person.

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