Thursday, January 1, 2015

G is for... (A to Z of Fashion, Beauty & Entertainment Careers)

Continuing the new weekly blog feature, an A to Z of careers in the Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment industries.

Graphic Designer
As digital resources are so heavily used in areas of sales, marketing and customer interaction, graphic designers are essential to This is a general term of career path for those who want to work in fashion, however this title encompasses many roles. Do you want to specialise in initial design or embellishment design or fabric design? Or do you want to work as an overall designer working up from a studio assistant? Head designers tend to start as design or studio assistants and can work up to become creative directors of the top fashion houses such as Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Garment technician
This might sound like it is completely un-fashion related, but product samples cannot be made and styles cannot go into production without a garment technician! An in house garment technician will construct and make first samples for each collection, ensuring they fit together properly and work with the pattern cutters to ensure the perfect fit and make any alterations accordingly. They will then ensure that there is a logical and methodical way of a factory making the garments. A garment technician at a factory will make and manufacture clothing, if you excel at textiles, this might just be the career for you.

All A to Z entries will be compiled in a little ibooks download in a little while, including further career suggestions, tips & insider information & a contacts list. Watch this space for the download link...


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