Monday, December 22, 2014

The beauty vlogs to know!

It's no secret that I have written a little bit about the vlog phenomenon - you can read a little about that here, but here are the beauty vlogs you have to know. 
If you don't already, check them out!

Lisa Eldridge
You can't go wrong with the tutorials from a-list makeup artist Lisa. 
Her knowledge of products and skincare is second to none!

Charlotte Tilbury
Know as the glam-go-to for Hollywood's finest. 
Charlotte Tilbury is as famous for her charisma as her artistry.

Lauren Curtis 
Lauren's make up tutorials are in depth and user friendly


Dare I say the original YouTube Vloggers?!
Two sisters and makeup artists, Sam and Nic Chapman are also behind the Real Technique's brushes.


Have you watched their videos?
Who are your beauty vlogs to know!?


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