Monday, December 22, 2014

New Year; New Job?

Okay so it's that time of year when we are all considering a new start, possibly a change to accomplish goals of 2015? If you are considering a career change or looking for a new job in 2015, remember these things:
1. Think twice. Are you really that unhappy or looking for a change? Not looking to put you off of the dream move, but think carefully. If you are in stable job with prospects and a good salary, is it worth looking internally for a move to a new role or looking externally to start a new hobby that might fulfil what you are looking for in the New Year?
2. Negotiate. Whether it's salary or benefits, if you are looking for a new job and don't quite get the offer you are looking for, negotiate. If they want you they will be flexible. If you need a little hand in negotiating tips, check out our top tips for negotiating.
3. Listen with your heart. If you are making a change, be fueled by your heart. If you don't follow your path in something that you love, you will be looking for something new in 2016. Make this year the year to get where you want to be.
4. Make it count. If you are starting a new job in the New Year, make it count. Try to be the best at whatever you can be and always aim for the top, whether you finally make it there or not. As the saying goes, 'if you reach for the stars, you might just make the moon', make this your career motto for 2015.
Good luck if you are job searching!


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