Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 tips to be more productive and get stuff done.

Whether it's at work, school or we can all start to procrastinate and get a little less productive. It's easy to loose focus and get distracted, especially when social media is thrown into the equation.

So how to be more productive?

1. Turn your phone off
Phone calls, texts and social media updates are the first thing that can take your mind away from your focus. Turn your phone off while you are working to stop the distractions.

2. Turn your emails off
Ever started to work and been drawn into long email chains? Close your emails and turn them off, or get into a routine of checking your mail in the morning, at lunch and in the evening so you can have undisturbed time to work on your projects and plans.

3. De-clutter your work space
If you have heard the phrase, 'cluttered desk, cluttered mind' this is why. All of the things on your desk or around your workplace can spur distractions. Having a clean, clear space can enhance your productivity.

4. Make a to do list and prioritise
Feeling swamped by too many tasks can all get a bit much. So making a to do list and prioritising is the way forwards. Prioritise by time and importance, then plan your working schedule around that.

5. Schedule time to work and play into your day
Making a plan to schedule time for the tasks on your to do list, if you add in checking emails or social media you won't feel too 'out of touch' and you'll get stuff done too, with plenty of time to spare too!


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