Monday, November 24, 2014

Top tips for negotiating

Learning how to negotiate is something that comes with experience and time, however, if you are negotiating in the work place or business here are our top tips to help you along your way, until you are a pro-negotiator!

1. Decide what you want
How are you meant to negotiate and get what you want if you don't know what you want? Be clear with yourself what you want to get out of your negotiations, then this will shape how you approach what you are looking for. This will also stop someone pulling the wool over your eyes and offering you squid ink instead of a pay rise, or flexible working. There's no point being flattered you have been offered that isn't actually what you want in the long term.

2. Know what you won't compromise on
Knowing what you want to get out of a negotiation will help you decide what you will and will not compromise on. It's a lot like buying a house - sure you want the house right next to the station, with no traffic noise, acres of land and with immaculate interiors, but you're going to get some train noise aren't you?! If proximity to a train station is something that you just won't compromise on, you'll have to settle for what it brings along with it.

3. Get your timing right
Ever heard the phrase 'timing is everything', it's quite true when negotiating. Choose your moment wisely, the person you speak with needs to give you their attention, and ideally, if you catch them in a good mood it can always help. Mornings are good for meetings, as in afternoons time can just runaway and people can get sidetracked with tasks.

4. Talk straight, but retain tack.
Throwing your toys out of the pram isn't going to get you anywhere, likewise, beating around the bush is going to muddle the explanation of what you are looking for. So, be concise, be to the point and frank, but always remember to talk with tack. Depending on what you are negotiating, it's possible that you won't be met with bells-on so prepare to do some leg work and not back down at the first hint of rejection. Come to your meeting prepared, with evidence to back up your negotiations and put your case together as you would a school essay, 'point, evidence, explanation'.

5. Don't settle.
Sometimes, particularly if you are negotiating in a work environment or for pay, you won't get what you were looking for and your employer just won't budge. Don't be despondent, it's probably a sign that you have achieved all you can where you are and it's time to move on. It's highly likely, you'll move on to bigger and better things, with this being the kick-start that you needed!

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