Monday, October 20, 2014

Worklife blend....don't burn out

If you are a freelancer or immersed in your career where the lines between work and personal life blend, you might sometimes feel that you are heading towards a burn out. It's easy to think about work 247 if your professional contacts are your friends and you are working unsociable hours but its important to remember to take breaks and avoid burning out or recognise the signs that you need to take a step back.

Here we break down tips for the best work/life blend and how to step back and recharge when you need to:
  • Change your environment.
Where you work and life can blend, it's something great to have a change of scenery. if you are in a job that takes you to different places and environments daily then this might not be a consideration for you, but if you are in the same office or place daily changing it up will keep you feeling fresh. 
  • Take a day off.
As a freelancer or working unsociable hours, it's easy to take up and act upon every offer and work every day of the week. If you have a strong work ethic, this is great and you will probably love being busy at first, but remember to take days off occasionally. Taking a day off can help you recharge and think more openly, especially if you are in a creative line of work.
  • Turn your phone off at night.
This is an important one, you aren't going to work at your best if you are receiving texts and alerts at all hours. Turning off your phone when you go to bed will leave you with an undisturbed nights sleep to wake up and do your best the next day.
  •  Take a break from social media.
Working a job where your work and life blend can usually be benefited by the creation of your own 'personal brand' to promote your services and further along your career. As social media is a 247 world, tendencies to be online at all hours can become all consuming.


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