Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working from home rules...

Working from home means there are no rules right? Well not so much, when you're working from home it's important to set yourself some rules so you can still have a work/life balance and be able to close the door on work at the evening and weekends.

1. Set yourself working hours when you're at home.
If you set yourself working hours, you'll be inclined to stick to them and not feel guilty or that you should be working into the evening or weekends and be able to separate work from life.

2. Have a separate office for work.
If you can physically separate your work at home, this will help other family members know that when you are in your office, you are at work. Almost an invisible, 'do not disturb' sign.

3. Install a separate work phoneline.
Installing a separate work phoneline will mean that you can promote a phoneline that is public, and not give out your private line. In addition to this, at evenings and weekends, you won't have to fend off sales calls at the weekend!

4. Checking emails at the weekend.
When you work from home and with the increased use of mobile devices, its really easy to check emails all hours of the day. When you close the door on your home-office don't be tempted to keep checking your emails - take a little time out!

5. Get out morning, lunch or evening.
Working from home can be a little isolating, so make sure you get out to meet people or just for some fresh air during the day.


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