Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Commuter skin care

Commuting takes its toll on skin and hair, especially as the temperature gets cooler and the heating's turned up. Skin can become dry, dehydrated, oily and greasy -a recipe for breakouts and a dull complexion. Follow our tips to help reduce commuter skin breakouts and perfect your winter skin!

1. Wear an oil-free moisturiser.
Oil free moisturisers act as a barrier to keep out dirt and grime from the tubes and public transport but will also stop you skin getting extra greasy reducing the oil levels and cutting down on breakouts.

2. Try wearing powder makeup.
Wearing wet makeup can further clog up the skin and in warm transport "melt" into the skin and get trapped in pores. Wearing a mineral makeup can create a veil over the skin rather than sitting on it and can reduce shine too.

3. Take off all of your makeup.
Cleaning your skin at the end of the day is paramount to keeping clear skin. Follow your skin care routine, remove makeup, cleanse, tone, add serum and moisturise to ensure you are unclogging your pores, reviving and stimulating the skin.

4. Condition and use hair oil.
Just like skin, your hair can be very dehydrated in the winter months. Heating can frizz hair, whereas wind and rain can leave it brittle and prone to breaking. Using a good quality condiditoner a few times a week can keep hair sleek and healthy adding a serum to your styling routine can leave hair glossy and free-from frizz too.

5. Try waterproof or no smudge make up.
In stuffy environments and wind-swept conditions, wearing a no smudge mascara and lipstick ensure that your look stays put even if you are prone to a little tube oiliness. The Bobbi Brown mascara is my absolute fave at the moment!

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