Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mid-twenties life...

Yes, you've probably been there, and if you haven't in this day an age of the university years putting off adult life, more of us are approaching our mid-twenties wondering what we should do with our lives and what on earth is going on?!

I did a little research into what on earth is going on and the below questions tend to sum up if you are on the path you love or if you think you could be re-evaluating...

1. What do I absolutely love in life?

If you could do anything every minute of the day, what would it be? What do you really love in life, would it be those audit books, or would it be music, film, socialising, cooking, teaching others, talking, learning. Listing anything that you really love will show where you true passions lie.

2. What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far?

What are you proud of that you have achieved so far? And to accomplish these you would have used some key strengths that can lead you to identify why you succeeded. You will find that your greatest strengths lie within your greatest accomplishments so far and give you an indication as to what will satisfy you.

3. What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me?

List everything that you would do if you weren’t afraid, even your wildest dreams. This will help you discover your greatest values.

4. If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all and do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

If you reached your 'end goal' what would your life be like? By looking to a life that you want to lead you can identify steps and actions to help you get to the thing that you are working towards.

5. What would I do if I had one billion pounds?

Think about anything that you would do if you had one billion pounds. After all of the travel and spending, what would you do with your days and how would you spend your time? This will help you identify your passions and hobbies that could shape your working life.

Fancy thinking about these questions - you never know what you may discover...?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

You're business...You're fired!

The start of The Apprentice has put us all into a business-frenzy, so what's better than to suggest our top tips for starting your own business!

1. Decide on what you want to do. 
This might seem a little obvious, but it's important to be driven and love what you want to spend many hours doing. If you are starting a business with little capital, you might be working all hours without paying yourself, or working another job trying to find time for your business. If you don't enjoy what you are doing, trust us, you won't want to be doing it at 9pm at night!

2. Think of a name.
A name is important for a business or brand. It needs to be rememberable and catchy, as it's the first thing that people will think of if your business takes off. In addition to this, if you brand starts to take off, you need to be happy to stick with the name for the long-term, changing names can be a little unsettling for your customers or followers.

3. Organise your finances. 
Now this doesn't mean have lots of money - let's be realistic. Many businesses have started with low, or next to no capital. Sort out your lowest running costs, try to do as many things yourself such as basic web designing, social media management, blog updates and running your business where you can as this will keep your overheads down until you start to make a profit.

4. Know your customer.
Starting a business is essentially about working for yourself and creating a profit so you can pay yourself and any staff that you might take on, therefore in order to do this, whether you are selling to consumers or providing a service to the public or businesses you need to know their needs. Your business needs to give your customer what they want or else they will go elsewhere to find something better.

5. Know your market.
Although not essential, it's quite important to know the area of business that you choose to go into. For example, if you are a farmer that is starting an online fashion boutique, you'll be at more of a dis-advantage than a fashion stylist who knows all of the current trends and industry contacts. Researching your field and getting to know the influential people, products and brands within your market will give you an understanding of the competition you are up against and how to stand out from the crowd.

Has The Apprentice inspired you to get you're own business going?
Look out for more of our business posts coming soon....


Monday, October 20, 2014

Worklife blend....don't burn out

If you are a freelancer or immersed in your career where the lines between work and personal life blend, you might sometimes feel that you are heading towards a burn out. It's easy to think about work 247 if your professional contacts are your friends and you are working unsociable hours but its important to remember to take breaks and avoid burning out or recognise the signs that you need to take a step back.

Here we break down tips for the best work/life blend and how to step back and recharge when you need to:
  • Change your environment.
Where you work and life can blend, it's something great to have a change of scenery. if you are in a job that takes you to different places and environments daily then this might not be a consideration for you, but if you are in the same office or place daily changing it up will keep you feeling fresh. 
  • Take a day off.
As a freelancer or working unsociable hours, it's easy to take up and act upon every offer and work every day of the week. If you have a strong work ethic, this is great and you will probably love being busy at first, but remember to take days off occasionally. Taking a day off can help you recharge and think more openly, especially if you are in a creative line of work.
  • Turn your phone off at night.
This is an important one, you aren't going to work at your best if you are receiving texts and alerts at all hours. Turning off your phone when you go to bed will leave you with an undisturbed nights sleep to wake up and do your best the next day.
  •  Take a break from social media.
Working a job where your work and life blend can usually be benefited by the creation of your own 'personal brand' to promote your services and further along your career. As social media is a 247 world, tendencies to be online at all hours can become all consuming.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get social; get ahead

In today's generation, social media channels contribute to your personal brand for your career or business as an entrepreneur. It's important to consider all of the channels available and what will work for your business or market from sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

If you are a professional in a corporate environment, profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter maybe the most suitable for you. Likewise, if you are a creative, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages may be most suitable for you as visual sites and micro blogs for content inspiration and sharing.

If you are using multiple social media channels for your business or personal brand, it's important that they all align and project a consistent image. Use the same profile pictures, the same names and the same profile information to supply and reinforce your credentials. Using key sector words in your profile descriptions and where suitable 'hashtags', can make you easily searchable for potential clients, customers or connections.

Keep your profiles updated with information and engagement. Having out-of-date profiles are just like not having a presence at all and as social media is a vital tool in business networking and communication, if you spend time creating an online profile, don't put that effort to waste by letting your profile become out of date.

It is important to remember when updating your online profiles if you are using these in a professional context, to be aware that content can be your friend or foe. Great content can get you noticed and generate a large loyal following and wrong or inappropriate content, can, in a nut-shell, get you fired! A rule of thumb should be, if you don't want a client, customer or employer to see it - don't post it.

Another note worthy point to getting social online is to convey your personality. Although you social media channels should be professional for a personal brand or business, they are more tangible than a paper CV so are able to convey your personality more. Don't forget to show elements of your personality, as it could help you stand out from other companies vying for your clients or your job opportunities.

If you have any questions about your online social media profile for your business or personal brand comment below and we will try to help or tweet @PINKTANKTWEET


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Commuter skin care

Commuting takes its toll on skin and hair, especially as the temperature gets cooler and the heating's turned up. Skin can become dry, dehydrated, oily and greasy -a recipe for breakouts and a dull complexion. Follow our tips to help reduce commuter skin breakouts and perfect your winter skin!

1. Wear an oil-free moisturiser.
Oil free moisturisers act as a barrier to keep out dirt and grime from the tubes and public transport but will also stop you skin getting extra greasy reducing the oil levels and cutting down on breakouts.

2. Try wearing powder makeup.
Wearing wet makeup can further clog up the skin and in warm transport "melt" into the skin and get trapped in pores. Wearing a mineral makeup can create a veil over the skin rather than sitting on it and can reduce shine too.

3. Take off all of your makeup.
Cleaning your skin at the end of the day is paramount to keeping clear skin. Follow your skin care routine, remove makeup, cleanse, tone, add serum and moisturise to ensure you are unclogging your pores, reviving and stimulating the skin.

4. Condition and use hair oil.
Just like skin, your hair can be very dehydrated in the winter months. Heating can frizz hair, whereas wind and rain can leave it brittle and prone to breaking. Using a good quality condiditoner a few times a week can keep hair sleek and healthy adding a serum to your styling routine can leave hair glossy and free-from frizz too.

5. Try waterproof or no smudge make up.
In stuffy environments and wind-swept conditions, wearing a no smudge mascara and lipstick ensure that your look stays put even if you are prone to a little tube oiliness. The Bobbi Brown mascara is my absolute fave at the moment!

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working from home rules...

Working from home means there are no rules right? Well not so much, when you're working from home it's important to set yourself some rules so you can still have a work/life balance and be able to close the door on work at the evening and weekends.

1. Set yourself working hours when you're at home.
If you set yourself working hours, you'll be inclined to stick to them and not feel guilty or that you should be working into the evening or weekends and be able to separate work from life.

2. Have a separate office for work.
If you can physically separate your work at home, this will help other family members know that when you are in your office, you are at work. Almost an invisible, 'do not disturb' sign.

3. Install a separate work phoneline.
Installing a separate work phoneline will mean that you can promote a phoneline that is public, and not give out your private line. In addition to this, at evenings and weekends, you won't have to fend off sales calls at the weekend!

4. Checking emails at the weekend.
When you work from home and with the increased use of mobile devices, its really easy to check emails all hours of the day. When you close the door on your home-office don't be tempted to keep checking your emails - take a little time out!

5. Get out morning, lunch or evening.
Working from home can be a little isolating, so make sure you get out to meet people or just for some fresh air during the day.

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