Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 things from Friends at 20.

20 things from Friends, we should never forget.

1. Coffee is everything. Fullstop.
2. OH....MY....GOD cannot be claimed by Essex.
3. Living next door to your best friends is the dream.
4. The are they/aren't they relationship started way back when Ross met Rachel.
5. Christmas turkey's are for eating not wearing
6. Lobster is an official way to describe love.
7. Hello Italian-lothario stereotype.
8. Don't bet your flat on a game.
9. Mac and cheese is great to eat...not so great for a TV show.
10. Plane phalange phobia is a thing.
11. Being a Dr of Paleontologist does not mean you can practice medicine!
12. Ad-hock songs and guitars bring fond memories.
13. Saying the wrong name at the alter is a no-no.
14. Teeth-whitening is suddenly a thing - a glow in the dark thing.
15. They know that we know that they know - it's still confusing.
16. Having a booth spray tan is a decision that should not be taken lightly.
17. Being on a break was made an official "get out" clause.
18. Starting sentences with "The one when..." is a norm.
19. You can speak French...just ask Joey.
20. If in doubt -coffee.


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