Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The websites that any PR girl or guy should know!

If you work in PR or are looking to work in PR then we are giving you a run down of the 'bible' sites you should already know and if you don't....better get reading quick-sharpish!

PR Week - Well this one's kind of a given, if you work in PR and you don't know about PR Week - dare I say you probably should find a recruiter and a new career path! Its basically the bible, not just for the UK but it has international sites too. The best selection of industry jobs and hires are released in PR Week and online here. PR Week has the rundown of who's who in the industry, any major appointments - great material to career track anyone you are interested in and also news regarding legislation, press regulations and current affairs.

PR Couture - this is one for all of you fashionistas out there. PR Couture, founded by Crosby Noricks who started her PR career in-house for a jewellery brand. Since then Crosby has endeavored to banish the typical fashion PR stereotypes with her cheery blog and continues to work on freelance PR for brands. PR Couture has quite an extensive agency directory on the site here - it's a great place to be if you are starting up on your own and want international presence!

CIPR - This one is a little bit serious. It's the industry body, offering membership, professional qualifications and it recognises the best practice in PR. If you take your profession seriously, want to learn your trade and have some letters to prove it, the CIPR website should be on your favourites bar.

I Work in PR - if you need a cheer up now and again, give this site a visit. You will be able to relate to everything that at one time may make your blood boil, but it all seems ironically hilarious when viewing these GIFS. You can thank you lucky stars there is someone out there spending their precious free time (or work time)

Crosby Noricks
Crosby Noricks

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