Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nicky Hilton's style 365 book

Nicky Hilton, the younger sibling of Paris and heir to the Hilton hotel dynasty is launching a style book. I actually came across this news on Vice, and was a little perplexed at how it was marketed.

The book is marketed to, in Nicky's own words, "really encourage women to dig deep and find their own sense of style—their signature thing that sets them apart from everyone else." Ironic, I thought, considering a social media promotional campaign for the book launch revolves around winning pieces from Nicky's own wardrobe, where the impetus to win Nicky's wardrobe is surely to dress like Nicky?!

Don't get me wrong -I'm a sucker for any celeb style book, I'm sure a lot of us are. It's the reason that celebrity sells consumer products and household names are endorsing brands -to make us want what they have.

I just found Nicky's words a little ironic?


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