Monday, August 4, 2014

9 to 5 Fashion...

Let's face it, 9 to 5 style is far more tricky for us girls than the boys. You can't really go wrong with trousers and a shirt, collar and tie where necessary. For us there aren't such fool proof rules, more guidelines when it comes to 9 to 5 dressing!

When it comes to trousers, a tailored skinny or slouch work well with a fitted or bright blouse. Tucking a top or blouse into the trousers defines the waist and also gives a smarter look to the outfit. If you can last the day, add a pair of heels to complete the look a la Oliva Palermo (even if its just at your desk!)

Midi skirts with romantic blouses are a great summer alternative to trousers, pencils can work with this look too, but I'd always go for a loose blouse to balance out the look. Pencil skirt and skin tight blouse it a bit OTT for the office - don't you think?

Skirt lengths are always a point of contention for me - if you are going for something above the knee, tights are a must (corporate office dependent here people!) Anything knee length or longer, I think is fine without tights, unless it's board meeting day!

I try to keep a jacket or blazer with me just in case I need to smarten my look up for a meeting or I get caught in a shower! There's always an umbrella not too far away either - you can never count on the UK weather.

As a fashion SOS I always keep a few essentials in the desk draw - a spare pair of tights (just incase!), flats -for the day I brave heels and flip flops - there will be a day you won't be able to walk in a new pair of shoes!

What are your 9 to 5 fashion must haves?


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