Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4 rules for dress down friday...

The office dress down Friday is becoming a thing. More of a 'get ready for the weekend' non-school uniform-type benefit for us workers. And it does save on the cost of a 5th work outfit. However, don't go thinking flip-flops and shorts are good to go, there are rules for the unwritten 'dress down Friday' code.

1. Flip-flops are not okay. These are for the beach or extremely hot weather. The should be removed before entering the office on any day. Full stop. There is no flouting this rule.

2. Ripped, frayed, worn or any other kind of affected denim are a big no-no. Out of the office, there isn't any problem with a ripped jean, they are my jean of choice, however in the office, jeans should be a block colour of any denim with out rips or tears.

3. Crop-tops. I am a little bemused as to how and why these are even back from the 90's era. But they are, and there really shouldn't be any naval flashing in the workplace. Sorry cool kids.

4. Slogan t-shirts. You may have 'guns' but your t-shirt doesn't need to spell it out. Keep the slogan tees for personal time and the gym please.

Yes it's a day that you don't have to wear stuffy suits, but you a. are still in a professional workplace and b. have to look mildly presentable.....but still enjoy your Friday-yay!


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