Sunday, June 26, 2016

REVLON Lip Butter: Summer Shades

The REVLON Colourburst Lip Butters £7.99 are my new staple for summer. Sometimes, I just find a lipstick slips too much on the tube & the smeared lipstick look is just never a good one! The lip butters give a less defined lip line and are less pigmented giving a more subtle colour - so for me its the perfect go-to summer staple! I tend to wear pinks and reds, however this Juicy Papaya shade has a strong orange undertone, a key beauty trend for summer and something a little different from my usual colour choices.

On the downside, and yes there is one despite my previous raving - the product needs reapplying throughout the day - after a coffee, although the hydrating effects of the product still linger, the colour has nearly all but vanished! I end up reapplying up to 5 or so times a day, but at least my summer lipstick smears are gone for the moment!


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